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are a spiritual art form. Most of the well-known ancient masterpieces originate in Buddhistic and Hinduistic traditions or the native American culture.


All mandalas share a clear orientation towards their centre - out of which everything emerges or into which everything dissolves.


Traditionally, mandalas show either symbolic, figurative or geometric designs. The latter creations are based on sacred geometry which expresses ancient wisdom and knowledge in forms of figures, shapes and proportion.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Frequently asked questions about Deva Mandalas


Q: What is a mandala?

A: The word mandala (sanskrit) means circle. A circle with a clear centre, to which the viewer can connect and get simultaneously  in touch with his or her own centre.


Q: How is a Deva Mandala made?

A: Deva Mandalas are the outcome of meditations. After cleaning the room energetically, the artist centers in herself und attunes to the work. Then she opens up to a process of deep listening and makes the colours and symbols visible. To do so, it needs presence, consciousness und at the same time the willingness to work undesigned and receive the presents of the meditation as purely and pristinely as given.


Q: How long does it take to create a Deva Mandala?

A: the short answer: The longer, the better.

The longer answer: a determinant element of Deva Mandalas is the lovingly invested time. It takes many days to paint a Deva Mandala, in which times of conscious conception and times of open inspiration are alternating. Viewers of Deva Mandalas can make the experience, that the profoundness and the timeless quality of the meditation devolve upon them.


Barbara: Casually explained, a Deva Mandala is like a magical time-bankbook, into which I pay and from where one can draw out centring and silence when ever needed. The wonderful thing is, that the bank balance never declines.


Q: How are the colours of a Deva Mandala chosen?

A: The artist finds inspiration everywhere in her surrounding. In nature as well as in magazines or artworks. It is the quality and the spirit of the day, that decide which colours should become a Deva Mandala. Each combination is like a door into a hidden realm. After painting them, Barbara is allowed to enter and discover its sectrets.


Q: Does Barbara Stieff paint personalized Deva Mandalas?

A: Yes, she does. After a talk on the phone or via skype, she will paint a Deva Mandala exclusively for you. It will take her inbetween 1 to 2 weeks to finish the work. For prices, terms and conditions send her an email.


Q:How about her signature?

A: Each original Deva Mandala or original art print of a Deva Mandala is marked with her personal symbol. By creating a mandala, she feels like a midwife. Through her, her technical and artistic abilities, her sensitivity and invested time a mandala is born. Therefore she decided not to sign with her name, she chose to use the language of the mandalas, which is symbolic.



I was looking for the right symbol for me and experimented a lot with different signs. Suddenly I remembered that I already used a symbol to mark my belongings when I was a child: square with 4 dots on the sides. After drawing it for the first time after so many years I instantly knew that´s it.


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